Dugout Caddy™ bat rack keep your sluggers safe
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Dugout Caddy™ baseball bat rack eliminates baseball dugout clutter

As baseball coaches for many years, the members of the J-1 Design Team felt frustrated with the constant mess in their little league baseball dugout. They did not like to see expensive baseball equipment / softball equipment lying on the ground. Both parents and players invest money in their baseball dugout equipment and hope it will last. Throwing it on the dirty ground in a baseball dugout does not protect this investment in baseball equipment / softball equipment. This is where the baseball bat rack originated.

Dugout Caddy™ baseball bat rack helps keep the baseball dugout safe

More importantly, the coaches wanted their baseball dugout to be a safe place for their baseball players / softball players to play and enjoy the game. No more tripping over baseball bats and baseballs with this new dugout bat rack.

The J-1 Design Team decided to eliminate the baseball dugout mess and possible baseball dangers in their dugout and designed the Dugout Caddy™ baseball bat rack.

We have successfully tested their Dugout Caddy™ baseball bat rack. We had the neatest and safest baseball dugout around. Baseball coaches from other baseball teams and baseball leagues inquired about the Dugout Caddy™. They asked where did they get neat ball holder and bat rack.

Another benefit was the baseball and softball sponsors loved seeing their name on the Dugout Caddy™ baseball bat rack.

The J-1 Design Team hit a homerun with the Dugout Caddy™ Bat Rack.

Read what other people are saying about the Baseball Bat Rack by Dugout Caddy™

"As a coach, I am very detail oriented and it starts with having an organized dugout. By purchasing the Dugout Caddy™, I was able to achieve this goal. It is the most versatile baseball bat rack out there."
-Mark Dolinger, Bellmore Yankee Coach

"As a Junior High and High School coach, safety has always been my prime concern. The baseball bat rack Dugout Caddy™ has fit our needs perfectly."
-Al Weidlein, Long Island Educator and Coach

"When our sponsor has his banner hanging over the backstop, parents complained they couldn't see their kids. Now with the Dugout Caddy™, our Sponsor's name is clearly written on this multipurpose Bat Rack. What a great idea!"
-Mike Maddi, Long Island Yankees

"What a perfect gift idea for our coach. We all chipped in and had it personalized. Our coach loved it! He has been coaching for years and has never seen such a versatile bat rack.
-Diane Stalzer, New York Mother

"It organized our bench and we love seeing our Team's name written on the Dugout Caddy™. We get so many compliments on our Dugout Caddy™ bat rack.
-Mark Schreiber, Salisbury Wildcats


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