Dugout Caddy™ bat rack keep your sluggers safe
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dugout caddy™

Baseball Bat Rack by Dugout Caddy™

The bat rack is for you. If baseball or softball is your sport and you are looking for exciting and new baseball equipment, you should own the Dugout Caddy™. It is the new baseball bat rack holder everyone is talking about.

The Dugout Caddy™ Bat Rack easily mounts to and removes from chain link fences. Teams can hang 10 baseball bats / softball bats and 9 baseballs or softballs on the Dugout Caddy™ Bat Rack.

The Dugout Caddy™ Bat Rack keeps the bats and balls off the ground and out of the way.

Statistics show that over 14,000 Little League injuries occur from tripping each year. The baseball Bat Rack by Dugout Caddy™ by J-1 Design Team can reduce the chances of injury by eliminating the equipment mess in the dugout. The dugout Bat Rack organizes and protects the baseball equipment. The dugout looks neat and professional while keeping the players safe with the baseball bat rack.

Advertise your team's name, sponsor or league. The Bat Rack can even be imprinted with your sponsor's logo or team logo.

The Dugout Caddy™ - Bat Rack will keep the dugout looking neat and the players safe.


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